Astrid Cruz


Astrid Cruz is the Co-Owner of the Signature Look Photography. Originally from Colombia, Astrid has a great understanding of business transformations due to her experience in the Healthcare industry as an administrator. Recognized for her commitment and always going above and beyond for everything and everyone. She believes that making a difference is the best way to contribute to the empowerment of the Hispanic Community. She finds her motivation being the mother of 5 beautiful children.

Cramer Verde


Originally from Peru, Cramer Verde, from a young age assisted his father, a city councilman and business owner, working with organizations and supporting his hometown. His interest in helping the community and being involved grew with him. Cramer went to San Ignacio Loyola University for a degree in Marketing and Business Administration. He worked closely with school administration and was in charge of clubs and social gatherings. While in school he worked with the Vice President of Peru with a nonprofit organization providing educational and medical material to kids in the cities in most need. These experiences helped cultivate a drive for success and spirit of hard work. In his professional career, he worked with the Small Business Administration of Peru, Microsoft, Bank of America, and many others. Cramer is an entrepreneur, currently the owner of Casa Verde Real Estate, and Viva America, an international business consulting company. When Cramer moved to Sarasota in 2003, he quickly understood the dire need of changing immigration policies and other issues needing work, he got involved with numerous organizations like UnidosNow, the ACLU of Florida and LULAC. Presently, he serves as Political Director of LULAC Florida, and volunteers in other similar organizations.  Cramer is a car aficionado, dog lover, and husband. He is always looking at different ways to support and defend his community of any threats or harm.

Lany Clas


Rosa Payson


Gerardo Ramirez


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