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PROCAPITAL A program to aid in accessing capital in many ways. Our goal is to connect our members with financing opportunities, including loans, lines of credit, and equipment leasing.


Vote2020 A program where we want to engage the upcoming elections introducing the candidates regardless of their political affiliations, creating a better future relationship with our elected officials.

3 @ Three

Pablo León-Páez coordinator You have what it takes t make a difference! 3 @ 3 3 @ 3 is a group of volunteers who join efforts, work as a team, and put our hearts into supporting the communities of the region to know and put into practice those measures that safeguard their health. MASK UP […]


E-Connect Our virtual academy that offer professional training, development and financing options, our business development program helps to improve and boast the nation’s economy by providing valuable assistance and support for small-scale businesses and startups.

I Speak

I Speak This program has been created as a subdivision of our virtual academy, e-connect, to help business owners to transform their businesses through language training. Language learning has not only proven to turn language barriers into bridges for new markets, but also enhances the overall experience for your customers, eliminate bottlenecks for cross-cultural teams, […]

Conexiones Virtuales

Conexiones Virtuales The best connections, the best businesses, the best friends, are in CONEXIONES VIRTUALES. The perfect event to connect with other members and the community.

4 Real

4 Real A talk show consisting of a panel of 4 Co-hostesses who give their point of view on topics ranging from beauty and fashion to the news of the day. The presenters will review products and talk about interesting topics in everyday life. Un talk show formado por un panel de 4 co-azafatas que […]

El peso del Exito

El peso del exito It emerges as a transformative program, in which movement and body energy are used to achieve what you really want to achieve in life. It obeys the alienation of emotions that each person internalizes such as passion, determination, dedication, commitment, and discipline. “El Peso del Éxito” is the essential basis for […]

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